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Election Watch: CBS' Couric Continues

With the dramatic Election Night music swelling, and the red, white and blue streaming onscreen, CBS' campaign coverage continues at 10 p.m. ET. 

Katie Couric, looking perhaps a tad bit tired (understandable), welcomes viewers to an hour that will have her and her correspondents reporting news that bodes well for the Democrats. As the hour opens, the Dems have taken nine seats in the House.  By the time the hour closes, that number will increase to 12 (they need to take 15 seats to win the House).

As Couric turns to Bob Schieffer to give his opinion of the way the night is shaping up so far, he declares that it may be the Republicans' "worst nightmare."

Throughout the hour, Couric and correspondents Schieffer, Sharyl Attkinsson (her name indeed a copy editor's worst nightmare, as blogger Mike Malone previously pointed out), Anthony Mason, Gloria Berger, Lee Cowan, Jim Axelrod (coming at you from a White House he describes as "glum"), and political analysts Mike McCurry and Nicolle Wallace update viewers on the latest numbers and give their commentary.

One fun moment: As Schieffer opines on the "scandal and hypocrisy" that have plagued the Republicans during this election, he jokes that, while hypocrisy is always bad, "choking your mistress may top hypocrisy" (referring to Republican Rep. Don Sherwood being accused of that very crime). 

During the hour, a series of Election Night factoids appear on the bottom of the screen (example: Joe Lieberman, now a victorious Independent in Connecticut, was the first Jewish man to be nominated to the VP post).

At the end of the hour, Couric asks everyone to give their "winners and losers" of the evening, then asks, if the House and Senate go to the Democrats, "As Rodney King might say, can't they all just get along?"  The Rodney King question is such a cliche that I have to groan a little, but we'll give Couric a pass on that one–as previously noted, she must be a bit tired at this point.

By Rebecca Stropoli