Election Watch: Anchors Away!

It's too early to call New Hampshire or Indiana. It's too early to call anything, but all day long people have been speculating over how our very green crop of brand-new broadcast anchors will handle the major story that is the midterm elections.The only guy that is returning to the job this year is Tom Brokaw who will report with Brian Williams on NBC. Otherwise, in a time where Peter Jennings passed away and Dan Rather was forced aside, we suddenly have a new trio of faces–and voices– reporting on the election long after most of us have drifted off for the night.

Here at the offices, we are nose-to-screen to our respective television sets watching how the new guard–Williams on NBC, Couric on CBS and Gibson on ABC–will fare and we will be reporting to you after the 6:30 E.T newscast–and on and off for the rest of the night.

We are also keeping our eyes on the familiar faces at  FoxNews and MSNBC, and making the rounds on foot to Comedy Central and CNN. 

Oh, what a night.

By Caroline Palmer