Eisner Goofs on Redstone, Sex and the City

Michael Eisner made a memorable appearance at Nickelodeon’s upfront presentation at the Hammerstein Ballroom Thursday. The former Disney CEO, who was there to promote his company’s new primetime animated series, Glenn Martin, DDS, hobbled onstage with aide of crutches thanks to a broken foot he said he got from “fighting with Sumner Redstone over a parking space at Bank of America.”

“He won,” Eisner quipped.

Glenn Martin, DDS follows the adventures of an overworked dentist and his family who decide to drop out and hit the road in a Winnebago.

It is the first series from Tornante Animation, the animation arm of Eisner’s Tornante Company, launched in 2005. Eisner offered that he was having a grand time now that he’s on the production side of the business. “I don’t have to go to Disney annual meetings,” he said.

And why not? It is evident from the clip shown at the upfront presentation that his new project has a risqué undertone.

Dr. Martin’s mother and new husband are part of a Florida swingers club. When the family ends up at the White House, they find that “Dick Cheney is still there,” said Eisner, “in the basement.” There is some puerile humor featuring the family dog. And a scene in Amish country seems to be a send-up of Sex and the City: three Amish women, a redhead, a brunette and blonde are sitting around talking about their love lives. At the window is a talking horse - with a curly blonde Carrie Bradshaw-esque mane.

Fans know that Sex and the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker has been the victim of much snarky blog chatter about her appearance. Specifically, she has been unkindly compared to a horse, presumably because of her long oval-shaped face. There’s even a web site, SarahJessicaParkerLooksLike a Horse.com dedicated to deconstructing the equine analogy complete with a horse whinny sound effect. (There’s also a display add for the extended cut of the Sex and the Citymovie on the site.) According to the blog’s counter: “Sarah’s long, horsey face has been viewed 7,148,946 times this week. Hellooo, Luv-aaah!”