Drew Carey's Family Act

Drew Carey may be the new face of the game-show renaissance, what with his debut Monday as the new host of daytime mainstay The Price Is Right and his primetime gig on CBSThe Power of 10.

But he is only the latest in a string of stand-up comics to jump into the ultimate family-friendly genre after telling the world’s most perverse joke about a family act.

By our count, Carey is the fourth comic to get a game-show gig after appearing in The Aristocrats, the 2005 documentary that features some 100 comics, actors and writers—and in one case, a mime—performing the titular joke. (No attempt to summarize it would do justice, so we’ll simply say: Fans of incest, bestiality and copriphilia, this is your joke.)

We noted the seeds of the trend a year ago, when Howie Mandel and Bob Saget became the respective hosts of NBC’s Deal or No Deal and 1 vs. 100. Since then, Penn Jillette, who co-produced, co-directed and appeared in The Aristocrats, has landed his own NBC game show, Identity.

So who’ll be the next Aristocrats alum to land a game show? E-mail your guess to BCPoll@reedbusiness.com.

By Joel Topcik