Disney World Plans 'American Idol': The Ride

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is about to be bombarded by terrible singers. I can see it all now.

Yes, the venerable theme park will open an American Idol attraction towards the end of the year, allowing wannabe singers to “audition” in front of a Disney Studios “producer” who can cast them in a live show held at the park.

Contestants will get vocal coaching, makeup etc, and then perform on a mock-American Idol set in front of a live audience. There will be a panel of judges, though it is the audience that decides who wins.

Winners of these “grand finale” shows will get a guaranteed audition spot at a future American Idol taping.

"One of the most remarkable elements about American Idol is that for a brief moment each week, we can provide TV viewers the opportunity to imagine life as America’s next superstar,” said Simon Fuller, executive producer of American Idol in a statement. “Disney’s new attraction perfectly captures what we at American Idol feel is the heart and soul of this brand, real people getting a shot to make their dream a reality."

A few thoughts: how many people, really are going to participate? And what happens if no good singers come by? Are they just going to trot out a bunch of William Hungs?

Also, who are these judges? How much do you want to bet that one of the judges is British and mean?

This sounds like a very bad idea. We have enough bad singers as it is, we don’t want to encourage them.

                        Three people we won’t be seeing at Disney World’s new American Idol attraction. (Fox)