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Denise Richards? It’s Complicated

The New York Post apparently watches TV, because it has a story today based on a report from yesterday’s The Insider saying that E! reality series Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, has been canned.

The truth isn’t quite that simple. A representative for E! says that the show has not been canceled, but its future is still unclear.

"No, it hasn’t been canceled," the spokesperson says. “It performs well for us and decisions are still being made regarding a second season”

According to the network, the premiere episode of It’s Complicated was the third most watched premiere in network history, and has averaged over 1 million total viewers for each new episode the rest of the season.

 Not great numbers, but respectable for cable.

If the show were canceled, the timing would certainly be strange, considering it is one of the two series produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions for E! (the other being Keeping Up With the Kardashians).

Seacrest just re-upped with Comcast last week, a deal which includes extensive first look rights for new series across the Comcast networks.

Presumably that was part of the contract because executives at E! liked the content he was providing them.