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Dave-Haters Decry Letterman as "Verbal Pedophile"

While protesters in Iran took to the streets of Tehran this week, braving bullets and truncheons and imprisonment to voice their opposition to an allegedly fraudulent presidential election, angry citizens rallied in New York to vent their outrage at…a late-night host.

The drawn-out dust-up between Late Show host David Letterman and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin over his inappropriate joke about Palin’s daughter–and the ensuing confusion about which one he was referring to–jumped the shark long before Letterman apologized Monday night. And even though Palin accepted the apology, some 15 protesters (according to CNN) gathered outside the Ed Sullivan Theater to call for his firing.

Thanks to New York magazine’s Jonah Green, we can watch video of the Dave-haters rail at Letterman (along with his “slut” wife and “bastard son”) and warn parents that “he will rape [their children] with his mouth.”

Yikes! I haven’t seen folks get this angry since Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Columbia University.