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Darn You, Sherri Saum!

I swallowed the Rescue Me coming attractions last week hook, line and sinker: Tommy Gavin was about to toss the unnamed, unwanted baby–the spawn of his dead brother, the screaming, unsleeping bane of his ex-wife Janet’s existence–into the East River. In the next clip, Janet is howling as she rules out all possibilities as to the baby’s whereabouts. Did Tommy, in fact, kill the baby?

Tune in next week to see what happened. 

OK, I’ve been watching television long enough to know that your lead character, who we like despite his laundry list of flaws, can’t commit infanticide. Still, I was very curious to see what happened to the baby. 

Until I saw the "What’s On Tonight" column of the NY Times this morning. "[Janet] plans her revenge when she learns that Tommy has given the unnamed child to Sheila," reveals Sherri Saum. 

Uh, thanks for spoiling the suspense for me.