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'The Daily Show' Bags The President (of Bolivia)

For only the second time, The Daily Show will have a sitting head of state on as a guest. On September 25 Bolivian President Evo Morales will be Jon Stewart’s guest on the show. The only other sitting world leader to appear on the program was Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who appeared on the show a year ago.

The Daily Show has always drawn public figures, but sitting heads of state have always been loathe to appear on comedy programming.

Bill Clinton has been on the show three times, most recently last week, and Jimmy Carter has been on the show once. Other notable political figures to appear on the show have included Arizona Sen. And presidential candidate John McCain, New York Sen. And presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Illinois Sen. And presidential candidate Barack Obama, Arlen Specter, Rudy Giulianai, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Senator John Edwards (who announced his intention to run on the show in 2004) and a slew of other notable names.

Yet so far, the only sitting leader has been Musharraf… and now Morales, come on Daily Show bookers, get on it, I’m sure President Bush will appear if you ask politely right?