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The CW's "Mall Domination" Plan?

News of The CW’s “Mall Domination” promotional tour seemed to bypass some friends of mine—“non-pros,” as one noted Hollywood traded journal might refer to them—who recently made a quick shopping trip to Los Angeles’ Century City Mall.

One of 11 Westfield Malls around the country that on Aug. 19-20 will feature an interactive lounge and appearances by stars, it was blanketed with banners emblazoned with The CW’s simple green and white logo.

But there was no mention of the event next week—at least where they were standing—which made them ponder what the name meant. Did it have something to do with nearby City Walk? Or perhaps the mall, undergoing renovations, was changing its name to Century Walk?

While the meaning behind The CW banners will be made abundantly clear to shoppers and movie-goers next week, for now it appears that it is anyone’s guess.

 By Jim Benson