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CW Roasts in Pasadena Heat

Familiar face Keith Marder kicked off the CW’s TCA presentation with his trademark comedy routine.While the former WB PR staffer has now moved on to the CSTV network, since CSTV is owned by CBS, Marder was back to roast the television world once again.

Some of Marder’s best shots:

“The White House even pitched a show, Stop or my Vice President will shoot.”

On David Blaine: “You want magic, try making two networks disappear.”

On the CW’s marketing slogan: “Two wrongs do make a right.”

Wondering why Vito was killed off from The Sopranos: “Who better to whack a guy than a gay mobster?”

“The World Cup was like The Sopranos: the Italians won, everyone watched, and now it will go away for four years.”

On the aged appearance of American Idol winner Taylor Hicks: “He looks like George Clooney’s father.”

On MyNetworkTV: “It’s not mine.It’s not a network.My Network? My ass.”

–By Ben Grossman