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At the CW: Part 1

The CW's decked out the theater at the Garden in its signature lime-green for its second annual upfront. The theme: "Get into the CW."

Attendants pass out greenish sour gummy candy and each seat has some kind of environmentally-friendly ("green," get it?) bag made from recycled billboards, including, apparently, some from the CW.

Network entertainment president Dawn Ostroff takes the stage after a Pussycat Dolls performance to describe, (the first of several times she'll do so during the show) the net's strategy-finding network-defining scripted shows and launching them on the backs of reality favorites. 

"We know the key to our success is developing the next big hit," she says.

Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz's NYC OC is up first. The girl from now-cancelled Veronica Mars voices the blogger chick who narrates the show. No mention of Veronica's demise, natch.

"We think that this show can be a network-defining series," Ostroff says of the sex-filled romp. It'll be paired with TopModel and CW Wednesdays "will be everyone's guilty pleasure," Ostroff says.

The digital pitch is up next. "Content is the engine that feeds these emerging platforms and the broadcast networks create more content than anyone else," Ostroff says.

Using Gossip Girl as an example, Ostroff says all CW shows will have digital extensions. Gossip's will include a virtual world, where you and your avatar can pretend that you, like the show's characters, live on the Upper East Side and "party where they party." You know you're excited.