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Couric LIVE BLOG: Katie Signs Off

Now it is time to sign off and Couric says she's tried some final statements but "nothing has felt quite right."  (She recently joked with  some reporters she considered "peace out hommies").

For her first sign off, Couric paid hommage to some legendary anchors sign offs, including Edward R. Murrow (Good Night and Good Luck) to Walter Cronkite (That's the way it is) to Dan Rather (Thank you for joining us. Courage.) and — in a lighter note — the movie anchor man, where actor Will Farrell plays prototypical anchor Ron Burgundy (Stay classy San Diego).

As for her own message, Couric asked her viewers to give their suggestions via CBS News' web site. "I know we'll have fun reading them and maybe one will stick" Couric said.

She wrapped the broadcast by simply saying, "For now all I have to say is I am Katie Couric and thanks so much for watching. I hope to see you tomorrow night."