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Could CBS’ 'Moonlight' Rise From the Dead?

Updated Below: CBS officially cancelled the supernatural vampire drama Moonlight this morning, ending weeks of speculation, and most certainly upsetting the series’ vocal (but small) fan base.

Still, Moonlight-ers, take heart, your series may yet rise from the dead.

Media Rights Capital purchased the right to program the CW’s Sunday evening primetime block earlier this month.

According to Nikke Finke, MRC is considering picking up Moonlight to fill one of the two hours it is programming on Sunday nights.

Why? Moonlight may not have been good enough for CBS, but the drama drew more than twice as many viewers as Gossip Girl, widely regarded as the CW’s signature show.

So don’t drive that stake into Moonlight’s heart just yet.

Unless you really want to, that is. Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, says she does not expect the CW to pick up the show. I guess the fans will have to think of another way to keep their show alive, or at least undead.

Update: Nikke now says that MRC has passed on Moonlight. Sorry folks.