Conan Still Haunts 30 Rock

Conan O’Brien may be “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television,” as his current comedy tour makes explicitly known, but his likeness isn’t legally prohibited from appearing right under the noses of his former bosses in the hallowed hallways of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Observant tourists who enter 30 Rock through the east entrance and walk down the left hallway towards a security check-in will notice a promo screen for MSG Entertainment, which produces and promotes events at the nearby Radio City Music Hall-events like Team CoCo’s comedy tour, which rolls into town on June 1 and 2. Sure enough, up on the screen this morning, there was the iconic profile of Team CoCo’s dear leader.

On a tour of NBCU’s famed broadcast facilities to promote the network’s “Green Is Universal” initiative on Tuesday, a staffer told a group of reporters that the seats to Conan’s Late Night show are now used for a 2nd floor broadcast demo studio. “Rest in peace” another staffer said at the mention of the departed late-night host’s name.

But given the ironic placement of the Team Coco ad, the specter of O’Brien still feels very much alive at NBC.