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Comic-Con '08: Comic de Milo

Considering his role on NBC’s Heroes, it’s hardly a surprise to see Milo Ventimiglia working the San Diego Convention Center. Sure, he did his standard issue Q&A for his show, but Ventimiglia was also at Comic-Con to pump his new comic book, Rest

Along with partner Russ Cundiff, Ventimiglia came up with a story concept they were initially pitching for film or television, but were stymied by the writer’s strike. "We were forced to look at other avenues," Ventimiglia explained from the second floor of Warner Bros.’ expansive location on the convention floor. That avenue was Devil’s Due Publishing, a comic book publisher.

Ventimiglia, who once had an overall deal at WBTV and starred in the studio’s The Gilmore Girls, maintained good relationships at Warners. The studio was more than happy to turn over some booth space and signing time to him.

Ventimiglia describes Rest as a story "about a guy who take s a drug that suppresses his need to sleep." The former sad sack sees his efficiency at work go through the roof, and turns his life around, but as Ventimiglia noted, "there’s always a downside."

On the upside was getting comic A-listers Roger Robinson to do a cover, Sean McManus to do the inside artwork and Mark Powers to write the story. "I was amazed to be in their company," Ventimiglia said. The 99-cent preview is currently available, with the first book coming out in October.

So now that the strike’s over, is Rest going to make it to a big or small screen soon? Ventimiglia is staying focused on what’s at hand. "What we’re interested in right now is making a great comic book," he said. "I don’t think about too much beyond that."

By Christopher Lisotta

Christopher Lisotta has written for several publications, including TVWeek, The Advocate and L.A. Weekly. He is covering the 2008 International Comic-Con for Broadcasting & Cable.