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COLLEGE: Do Students Care About Cancellations?

Usually I’d blame the network for not promoting a show enough or for putting it on at the wrong time, but Studio 60 came in with the strongest buzz of any new show and was given a fairly non-competitive time-slot. To be honest, I can’t say exactly why it’s floundering so badly, although I partially blame its lead-in Heroes. Most people who are into superheroes are not the same ones who love Sorkin’s cynical writing. NBC: Put it on Tuesday or Sunday– try something!– but by god do not cancel the best new show on television just yet.

Unfortunately, the preservation of Studio 60 is not exactly a concern on most college kids’ minds. In fact, I don’t think anyone really knows what is close to being cancelled and what isn’t. I just know this because, well, I intern with a bunch of TV junkies. Even so, 30 Rock is one new comedy that has begun to catch on yet will probably see a decline in viewers very soon. When I first thought about it, I assumed the show had nothing to worry about (NBC is lacking in the comedy side) but then I realized it will be going up against CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and The O.C. To me that spells, “DOA”. Even if it isn’t cancelled, the young demographic will likely be tuning into one of the longer running shows instead.

Friday Night Lights seemed on its way to cancellation despite being popular in the young male demographic, yet it may have found a new home…in Studio 60’s timeslot.It saw a ratings boost last night when it aired after Heroes, and NBC would be smart it keep it there and stick Studio 60 with Tuesday’s Law & Orders.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there seems to be an overwhelming plea to rid TV of The Nine and Six Degrees. Both have stellar lead-ins, and both are totally lame. ABC had two great chances to launch shows after their mega-hits Lost and Grey’s, yet channels are changed as soon as it hits 10:00 o’clock.

By Intern Emeritus Gordie Steiner

A scene from ABC's Six Degrees.