Colbert Is Midtacular

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is traveling to Ohio for a series of shows on the midterm elections.

Certainly the show has a long history of storied success in lampooning legislators' attempts to get their tickets punched for another few years, but I would have liked to see Steven Colbert take his Report on the road as well.

For some it may be a toss-up, but I give the edge to Colbert given his sparring experience with a growing list for federal legislators.

Both Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are masters of the skewer-insertion that deflates pretense and pomposity. Stewart has the arched-eyebrow and double-take edge, but Colbert has been honing his skills in weekly interviews with House members for his wonderfully offbeat series on every district in the country–if the show lasts a few more years, as I expect it to.

Both are doing election-eve specials, but I hope Colbert will be prominently featured in Comedy Central's  "Midterm Midtacular" coverage of the elections.