Colbert Explains It All

Stephen Colbert, the funniest man ever to not have won an Emmy last year, has gotten over half a million hits on YouTube to his on air explanation (posted Jan. 16) of media reconsolidation, in this case the creation of a new AT&T from the bits and pieces of the old AT&T prompted by Cingular's changing its name to AT&T.

The piece, from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, is a hoot and just another reason why Colbert is the funniest man ever not to win an Emmy last year.

I'd like to see aging singer Barry Manilow, who inexplicably beat Colbert out for one  with the filming of his Las Vegas show, try to explain the popularity of that Copa Cabana song with similar elan and aplumb.

Check Colbert out at YouTube.

By John Eggerton