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CNN Watch

It may be my first stop for news of my security and political coverage–or it may not be, I never tell.

But I have a bone to pick with its taste in headlines. I'm not saying that Enron exec Ken Lay wasn't fair game for corporate punching bag taking down countless pensions, but that was before he suffered a massive heart attack, after which different rules need to apply.

CNN's headling for the story, at least a late take on it: "Sudden Death: Ken Lay Avoids Jail Time." Uh, uh. Can't do it. As an obituary writer of many years experience, I know well the temptations of clever headlines. Daily Show, yes, but it should not be done in straight newscasts. Period.

OK, I am either going to have to modify my position or add The Washington Post to the list, since their headline in the morning Style section was "Ken Lay's Last Evasion."

While I am on the subject of CNN, NAB got a plug Wednesday night. For the non-story about the non-prosecution of Rush Limbaugh for not violating any laws, CNN featured a clip from his speech at an NAB Radio Show.

By John Eggerton