CBS Celebrates 60 Years of the "Eye"

Although it’s had some work done, the CBS Eye still looks pretty good for its age.

CBS’ logo, first introduced to the public on Oct. 20, 1951, turns 60 on Thursday, and the network is celebrating its “birthday” with special on-air and online content. will replace the homepage’s current logo to the original Eye, with an interactive feature that directs users to a story from Charles Osgood about its origin. Both and will also host photo essays of the Eye logos spanning the decades.

On-air, CBS will show a spot that highlights the logo’s evolution at 8 p.m., and will continue to feature the Eye at the top of its programming until 10 p.m.

Since its inception, the Eye has remained relatively unchanged - the original logo’s center was an animated camera iris, later changed to a still version. Although it has been various sizes and colors, it has maintained its symmetrical design to become one of the most recognizable corporate logos.