‘Catastrophe’ Star Delaney on ‘Wild’ Series Finale

The fourth, and final, season of comedy Catastrophe begins on Amazon Prime March 15. Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan star in this very funny comedy.

There are six more episodes.

The show began with Rob, an American, on a business trip to London. He has a fling with Sharon, an Irish lady living in London. She gets pregnant. They get married. They bicker like mad, but they stick together. They have another kid. They still bicker like mad, but clearly love each other.

Also in the cast are Mark Bonnar, playing Chris, and Ashley Jensen, as Fran. Carrie Fisher played Rob’s mother prior to her death.

Catastrophe airs on Channel 4 in the U.K.

Season three ended with Rob battling alcoholism and in a car crash. Amazon says about season four, “Now, as Rob tries to head on the straight and narrow and Sharon does her best to support, ‘it’s like he’s on a crusade, but to somewhere boring and we all have to come,’ will the couple navigate the relentless tsunami of life’s challenges, or see their relationship finally submerged by it all? With Rob potentially not the only one on the wrong side of the law, health issues, new religious dalliances, a ‘briefcase of vegetables’ and ever-infuriating family members to contend with, what could possibly go wrong?”

The New York Times gave the final season high marks.

By the raunchy, glorious end of its fourth and final season, arriving on Amazon Friday, Rob and Sharon have been through health scares, family losses, infidelity, alcoholism and the sundry exhaustions of life with two small children. Catastrophe, it is clear, refers not to a single occurrence but to a state of being — the chaos of life, which this comedy depicts with deadly honest charm.

GQ said of it:

Farewell to one of the best, most honest sitcoms ever made about love and marriage.

We had a brief chat--OK, an email convo--with Delaney about the show and its farewell.

B&C: What are your feelings about the show coming to an end?

Delaney: Mixed of course! I'm very proud of it and I'm scared to give up a good job, BUT we'd said all we had to say on the issues the show is concerned with and we didn't want to overdo it or fade out. As it is, we have four seasons we love and see no need to mess it up.

B&C: What's your favorite moment in the new season?

Delaney: The whole final episode, I suppose. I don't want to say anything about it other than it's a wild one, and we went against TV tradition and introduce several new characters in the final episode, but I think we pull it off.

B&C: What’s your favorite moment across the four seasons?

Delaney: Season three, episode five is high up there on the list for me. Rob and Sharon are just busted in two and really having trouble, individually and as a couple, but there are still some extremely silly, funny things that happen.

Also, when Dave vomited into my mouth in season two, and then I vomited onto him right after. That was a heart warmer.

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