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In Case You Missed It: Obama Delivers Top 10 on 'Letterman'

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-Ill.) delivered the Top 10 list on the Late Show with David Letterman last night via satellite from South Carolina.

The subject: The Top 10 Barack Obama Campaign Promises.

 Number one on the list is sure to crack a few smiles at NATPE next week:


Text after the jump:

10. To keep the budget balanced, I’ll rent the Situation Room for sweet 16s.

9. I will double your tax money at the craps table.

8. Appoint Mitt Romney secretary of lookin’ good.

7. If you bring a gator to the White House, I’ll wrassle it.

6. I’ll put Regis on the nickel.

5. I’ll rename the 10th month of the year “Barack-tober.”

4. I won’t let Apple release the new and improved iPod the day after you bought the previous model.

3. I’ll find money in the budget to buy Letterman a decent hairpiece. 

2. Pronounce the word nuclear, nuclear.

1. Three words:  Vice President Oprah.