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Campaign Reform Push Gets Own Poster

The push for more sunlight on money in politics, including for enhanced disclosure of PAC and SuperPAC ads, now has a face as well as a voice.

Represent.Us, which is backing a bill to break the "stranglehold" of big money over politics, now has a poster courtesy of Shepard Fairey, who designed the iconic Obama "Hope" campaign poster.

Represent.Us is behind the faux campaign of "Honest Gil," a veteran faux political candidate now running, or not really running, for President as a way to showcase the issue of campaign finance reform.

The FCC has been under pressure from activist groups, including Represent.Us, and some Democrats in Congress to enhance political ad disclosure requirements to include the names of the funders, not just the PACs and their execs. So far, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has not made it a priority.