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Brought To You By the Letters J and M

NBC Sports & Olympics Chairman Dick Ebersol, who we will have to start calling Dick "Al Davis" Ebersol, pointed out a curious coincidence regarding some of NBC's top sports analysts, the Letters J and M. He could have gone even further to "John [or some variant] and M."

Most recently, there is John Madden the in-six-days Hall of Fame coach who is teaming, re-teaming actually, with Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football on NBC starting Sunday.

Then there is John McEnroe, the mouth that roars on NBC tennis coverage.

And finally, Johnny Miller, NBC's resident golf analysts.

If only Johnny Most, the great Celtic's sports broadcaster, were still around, NBC could hire him and we'd have to start playing the Twilight zone theme music.

Why tack "Al Davis" on Ebersol? Madden, who could have been elected to the Hall as a coach, broadcaster, or video game, in my humble opinion, said that what he liked about NBC was having one boss (not bosses by committee), with Ebersol reminding him of his old boss at the Raiders, owner Al Davis, who called the shots and could get stuff done without "this committee or that committee."

By John Eggerton