Bringing the Big Easy to the Big Apple

In New York, you’re bound to see anything and everything, and thanks to History Channel that now includes alligators.

To celebrate the season two premiere of Swamp People, the History Channel is sprinkling some Cajun flavor (and feeding into an urban legend) all throughout Manhattan this week.

Large, museum-quality alligator sculptures will be placed in various locations throughout the city, including Times Square, Bryant Park and the West Village. This of course will get the conspiracy theorists excited due to the myth that alligators live in the sewers below the city. Rest assured, these life-like sculptures are not real (we think).

The second part of the promotion is not as life-threatening. Louisiana chef John Folse will bring his culinary talents throughout midtown, Financial District and Chelsea. A “Taste of Bayou” truck will also be at locations all throughout the city, serving such southern delicacies as alligator, rabbit and nutria (a large rat…seriously).

The promotion is running from Monday until Thursday, when the alligators crawl back into the sewer.

The second season of Swamp People premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. on History Channel.