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Blogging the Golden Globes

Omg. Debbie Matenopoulos is on the warpath.

Hated the Globes. Thought they were, like, the most boring thing ever. Larry King’s post-globes panel with AJ Hammer, Melissa Rivers and some other CNN chick. Deb must be bitter because she was wearing the same shirt as Extra’s Dayna Devon.

People’s movie critic Leah Rosen tells Larry the Globes were like awards show Cliffs Notes. She’s totally right! Who wants multiple hours and tributes and montages and blah, blah? Well, which average viewer, I mean. Which is what some of us, you know, New York-based, admittedly less-plugged-in-to-awards-show-drama-nitty-gritty weekly trade reporters were tonight.

In my case, I watched with four friends, none of whom had the slightest connection to TV, and they all much preferred it this way…well, except the girls who were like, “What? Stop trying to explain all this strike stuff. Just tell us why there aren’t any dresses to discuss.” Yeah, that sucked, but seriously–that was a small price to pay for the talking-head fun on CNN and the other cable nets.

Most entertaining part of any Globes telecast tonight? Hands down Larry King’s interjections–so random! Ater every winner, he’s all, “Great movie, what a good movie…great actor, he’s such a good actor.” TV Guide, which stuck it out alone with a Globes post-show, got David Duchovny to drop an unbleeped f-bomb in a phone convo about where he was during the show (the movies) when he won best-actor in a comedy.

Also entertaining were the entertainment-show presenters with their nervous, self-indulgent pre-presentation speeches. Giuliana Rancic, billed as newly married, was on and on about how she never thought she’d be there and she never dreamed she’d get to present.

Comical in its own right was NBC’s wholly separate interpretation of the night. obviously still ticked about losing exclusivity to the thing, they just totally disregarded the timeliness factor and did a separate hour-long version with Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell behind their own little podium giving their own insightful commentary (Billy knows agents likeAri Gold, etc., etc.) after the awards had been announced live on cable, like, half an hour earlier. They didn’t even show the press conference! No reference to it.

Too bad elliptical-riders nationwide will be bored without Globes pics in the glossies next week, but then, with all the time they bought tonight by not staying up to half pay attention to a boring, drawn-out show, they’ll start the week so well-slept, they won’t need the red-carpet reading material to motivate in the first place.

By Anne Becker