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Big Pussy's Big Weight Loss

Breaking news!  Big Pussy ain’t so big anymore! And who would’ve known that it’s all because of singer, former talk show host and stomach-stapling poster child Carnie Wilson, chief cheerleader of the Sopranos actor's team on VH1s Celebrity Fit Club.

Big Pussy attributed his weight loss Sunday night’s episode to the “light” emitted from Wilson, who is trying to lose some of the weight she has gained back since her earlier surgery. But of course those buzz kills at Entertainment Tonight had already spoiled the surprise.

The entertainment TV magazine, which constantly labels a majority of its stories as “breaking news” when, in fact, many have already been out in the media, didn’t actually break news with regard to Fit Club. But it did spoil some of the fun when it broke the suspense by showing overly beefy clips of the program earlier in the week.

ET exposed the actual number of pounds lost by some of the FitClubbers and Big Pussy’s poignant homage to a teary-eyed Wilson, making the anti-climactic episode only as good as warmed-up leftovers. It’s not entirely ET’s fault, though, as VH1 had to have supplied the clips in order to promote the show.  But, come on now, don’t they know about the significance of “the reveal?”

By Jim Benson