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BET's Coverage of Election Day

By Mariel Bird

British reporter Sharon Carpenter was at the republican rally in Phoenix.

Andre Showell was in Chicago, Ill. Who said the “mood here is electric.”  “A very celebratory atmosphere. People here have high expectations and they are fired up.”

Pam Centry was at a club in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

“Jenae Johnson is holding it down at Spellman College in Atlanta.” She said while introducing Fonsworth Bently in front of a crowd said, “I know that these people are rooting for this man and the man that this man


Fonsowrth Bently stumbled a bit during an interview at Spellman College.

“This is thank you to Martin Luther King, this is thank you to the grandparents, this is thank you to all of the unsung heroes that have sacrificed so that Barack Obama could Run.” – Fonzworth Bentley

Q: As a black man, what does this day mean to you?

A: When they took us from our homelands and put us into ships we were certain that this day would come, when they told us to sit on the back of the bus, we were certain that this day has come. – Not a full quote.

Shared the experiences of first time young voters.

By 8:10 P.M. no real mention of the polls. Only a short breakdown of the updates they will eventually have and then a lengthy interview with Fonzworth Bently at Spellman College in Atlanta Georgia.

First results come in after first commercial break at 8:14 p.m.  “Right now Obama has 76 electoral votes”

Monitor shows Obama with 78 electoral votes.