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Bear Grylls Eyes Demi Moore For ‘Woman Vs. Wild’

Bear Grylls has already explored the Swedish wilderness with Will Ferrell for his television series Man vs. Wild, and is reportedly going to go adventuring with Ben Stiller later this year.

Now, the adventurer has his sights on another possible co-star: Demi Moore. Grylls reached out to Moore via twitter, asking the actress (and wife of celebrity Twitter king Ashton Kutcher) “Dear Demi, i host a show called Man vs Wild, and I would so love to have you join me for a special: Woman Vs Wild!”

Grylls would add in a later tweet: “For attention of: @mrskutcher pls reply to: then I will take it up. Thanks! Bear x”

Grylls’ special with Will Ferrell promoting Land Of the Lost did very well for Discovery, drawing the highest ratings in Man vs. Wild history. Of course, the appearance was meant to help promote Land of the Lost, which flopped at the box office. In the end, Discovery made out like bandits, Universal Pictures, not so much.

But with the episode doing well, it makes sense that Grylls and Discovery would be reaching out to other celebrities to gauge their interest in appearing on the show.

After all, as fun as it is to see Bear Grylls drink his own urine or eating deer eyeball, it will always be better to see some poor celeb forced to do the same.

As to whether or not Twitter is the right method of reaching out to Demi Moore, well I would take it up with @aplusk. Don’t worry, I brought it to his attention.