Ashton Kutcher Punking The Media

And here we all are thinking Punk’d was cancelled. Well… it was, but now Ashton Kutcher is calling on his celebrity friends to help him punk a new group of people: the celebrity obsessed media.

Kutcher, fed up with the 24/7 papparazzi culture of Hollywood, is turning the tables on his new E! show Pop Fiction. Kutcher’s role on the show is strictly off-camera however, his production company, Katalyst Television, is producing the series.

In the show, Kutcher’s celeb friends will stage phony photo-ops, and see how some weird event can end up around the world in a matter of hours.

For the premiere episode set to debut Sunday night at 10:30 p.m., Paris Hilton cruises around L.A. with her own personal “shaman.” Apparently certain news outlets ate it up.

Pop Fiction will take viewers through the planning and execution phases of the stunt.

E! promises other stars will reveal their own “pop secrets.” Maybe Steve Guttenberg isn’t really going to be on Dancing with the Stars at all, maybe it was all a big joke!

Eh, probably not.