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Ari’s Wife Has No Name

Ever notice that Ari Gold’s wife on Entourage is never referred to by anything resembling a name? It’s not that her name doesn’t come up on the show. The manic agent's wife does not, in fact, have a name.

That is, unless you count Mrs. Ari, which is how she’s listed in the Entourage cast of characters on, and is confirmed by the show’s spokesperson. In a new interview, entitled “Drawing the Line,” actress Perrey Reeves twice refers to her character as “Mrs. Ari.” “People sometimes tell me, ‘You play such a good bitch,’” Reeves says. “I am a little more intense as Mrs. Ari in the beginning of this season.”

When was the last time a regular character on a show had no name? In the book world, there’s “The Kid” in those unreadable Cormac McCarthy novels. But TV? I can’t think of any.

By Michael Malone