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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season 14: No Shorties!

America’s Next Top Model, the long running CW reality competition show now in its 13th cycle, has never been afraid of hogging the media spotlight.

You may recall that for its current 13th cycle, producers decided that all of the contestants should be below 5′7, due to the fact that most models tend to be ridiculously tall, leaving some shorter women in their shadows, so to speak.

For cycle 14, there is a new requirement: no shorties! Ok, it wasn’t that blunt, but anyone looking to audition must be at least 5′7 to apply.

Now, to be fair, the release also says that producers are looking for contestants “of diverse backgrounds, shapes [and] sizes,” and of course the current season features a cast of entirely shorter women.

But it does kind of beg the question, why have a height requirement at all? Rather than have a whole season of just shorter women, why not go out of the way to include women of various heights?

Of course, logic and America’s Next Top Model do not always go hand in hand. We all know what happens at these casting calls:

“The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two,” Jennifer Brown, 27, of Kensington, Brooklyn told the New York Daily News. “I feared for my life.”


If you are a female that is at least 5′7 and are of diverse background, shape or size, feel free to try out for America’s Next Top Model at auditions in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver.

And remember kids, play nice.