Aereo Watch: Week of March 10, 2014

With Aereo and its backers presenting their side of the case starting March 26, the arguments for and against the company are heating up. To help you navigate the bevy of information, B&C brings you Aereo Watch, a compilation of the latest stories from B&C's reporters and news on the case from around the web.

The latest from B&C:
Leagues To Supremes: Aereo 'Package' Is Game Breaker
Pro football and baseball have warned the Supreme Court that if Aereo is allowed to deliver and package TV station signals without paying copyright fees for the programming, the leagues will likely take their ball and go home, "home" being pay channels where they can be sure to get compensated and where their own packages of games can't be trumped by a service that doesn't pay.
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B&C's recent coverage:

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Music Community Pans Aereo

International Groups Cite Aereo Treaty Issues

NAB, Affiliates: Supremes Need to End Aereo's 'Free Ride'

Nimmer on Aereo: It's Illegal

Justice Backs Broadcasters In Aereo Challenge

Cablevision: Broadcaster Anti-Aereo Argument is Myopic

Around the Web:

Multichannel News
Aereo Shuts Down in Denver and Salt Lake City

SXSW Diary: Aereo, The Supreme Court And TV's Future

Aereo CEO at SXSW: Focused on Product, Not Interested in Selling

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