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Aereo Watch: April 4, 2014

With the amicus briefs recently filed by Aereo and its backers, the arguments for and against the company are heating up. To help you navigate the bevy of information, B&C brings you Aereo Watch, a compilation of the latest stories from B&C's reporters and news on the case from around the web.

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments regarding the case on April 22.

The latest from B&C:
Professors: Aereo Is Healthy Response to Dysfunctional System
Aereo definitely has friends in a trio of law professors who weighed in on its side with the Supreme Court this week. In their amicus brief, the professors called Aereo a "healthy free-market response to a dysfunctional and anticompetitive television distribution system that raises prices, reduces output, and denies consumers meaningful choice."

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