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7 Ways to Get More From INTX 2015 With the INTX App

The INTX app, created by Core-Apps for the NCTA, is thoughtfully designed, anticipating convention-goers' needs and resolving them. Packed with features, from givens like integrated social media and location-based show-floor navigation to small details like the ability to jot down notes directly on the booth map, it can help you maximize your time, increase your visibility and accomplish your goals in Chicago.

The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices; a Web-based version is also available. Here are some tips for using the app to manage your show experience.

Maximize Your Time

1-Allow the tutorials to run. The first time you click on a feature, the app displays brief, well written instructions with tips for using each element. Because the app is so packed with features, it's worth taking 20 seconds to pay attention.

2-Find your way around the show floor effortlessly without retracing your steps a million times. The interactive map uses location-based services to show you where you are relative to your destination and help you determine the most efficient way to cram 10 booth visits into 20 minutes.

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