Top 15 Summer Shows For Kids, Tweens and Teens

Summer is for kids, and no-one is more aware of that than the kids TV networks. We checked in on the new programming of the summer to date (from Memorial Day through July) to see what is grabbing kids' attention this year. We looked at all new programs (excluding repeats) on all network and all dayparts. Still, primetime programming on kids networks was by far the most popular place for programming.

The stand-out of the summer was clearly Disney's Teen Beach Movie, capturing kids and tweens, and bested only by NBA FINALS ON ABC among teens. Disney is calling it the fifth most-watched Disney movie ever.  Teen Beach Movie also helped launch the second highest rated telecast of the summer, a sneak peak of LIV AND MADDIE, which is slated to start running regularly on September 15. That pairing on Friday July 19 produced the only two shows to grab ratings in the double digits on kids demos.

Disney dominated the new program ratings rankers -- with Nickelodeon usually the second network to post a series among the best-rated shows. Its top-rated series were all new this summer -- SAM & CAT, which recycled popular characters from cancelled shows, SANJAY & CRAIG the animated weekend morning series and HAUNTED HATHAWAYS, the paranormal Saturday night live-action comedy were all strong.

For the most part, the best rated kids programs run in primetime, on kid-focused networks. Each of the following tables details the top fifteen programs ranked on the core kids, tween and teen demos.

Among the youngest demo group, kids 2-11, Disney's Friday night line-up is dominant. The only non-Disney program to make the top 10 was NBA FINALS ON ABC, coming in eighth.

Top 15 Kids Shows of Summer - Younger Kids
Kids 2-11, Live + SD Ratings

May 27 - July 26, 2013

It was a similar story for the slightly older kids, with Disney taking the top 12, and Nick's SAM & CAT interrupting the sweep. Teen Beach Movie resonated best with this group, pulling an impressive 16.5 rating.

Top 15 Kids Shows of Summer - Kids
Kids 6-11, Live + SD Ratings

May 27 - July 26, 2013

Even tweens preferred the Disney originals, although NBA moved up the rating ladder.

Top 15 Kids Shows of Summer - Tweens
Kids 9-14, Live + SD Ratings

May 27 - July 26, 2013

Teens watched a more diverse mix of programming than the younger demos. Ironically, teens did not make Teen Beach Movie their best rated program, NBA took that honor. In fact, NBA took eight of the top fifteen.  BET's annual AWARDS SHOW and NBC'S AMRICA'S GOT TALENT also bubbled up among teens. Falling just outside the top 15 were ABC Family's PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, MTV's TEEN WOLF and Discovery's SKYWIRE LIVE WITH NICK WALLENDA event.

Top 15 Kids Shows of Summer Teens
People 12-17, Live + SD Ratings

May 27 - July 26, 2013