Mediacom Business Looks to WiFi for Schools, Libraries

Mediacom Business is looking to take advantage of a Federal Communications Commission initiative to help boost wireless Internet connectivity in rural schools and libraries across the country, using its fber-optic high-speed data products, Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions.

In July, the FCC approved a plan to modernize the $2.4 billion E-Rate Internet initiative by allocating an additional $2 billion to the program to support WiFi over the next two years. For the following three years, the program will target $1 billion annually to Wi-Fi — while continuing to ensure funding is available for broadband connectivity to schools and libraries — by phasing out support for non-broadband services, such as pagers and phones. In total, the program improvements will target an additional $5 billion for Wi-Fi over the next five years, delivering WiFi to an additional 10 million students in 2015 alone, according to the FCC.

Mediacom already has identified local institutions that could benefit from partnering with the cable company, according to Mediacom Business senior VP Dan Templin.

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