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Horizon Expands With Frontiers Deal

LGBT Magazine Frontiers is moving into the online video space through a co-production deal with Australia's Cobbstar Productions for the fifth and sixth seasons of Cobbstar's gay-themed online series, The Horizon, which launched its fourth season in June.

As part of that deal, the series, which is set in Australia, will shift focus toward the U.S. and work Frontiers into the storyline. The vehicle for the move will be newly cast Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Jai Rodriguez, who will play a promiscuous American pop singer visiting Australia. When he returns to the U.S., the show will follow him in the first installment, The Horizon: L.A. The series will be available on and YouTube starting in December.

“With its wholly original story line, and huge American audience, The Horizon was a natural fit for Frontiers Media’s first move into online television,” said New Frontiers Media CEO Michael Turner of the co-production deal.

The series already has a production partner in the Aids Council of New South Wales, which partially funds the show, and series producer Brian Cobb says it will continue to emphasize safe sex and HIV awareness.