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Golf Channel Re-Airing Arnold Palmer Bio

The Golf Channel will re-air the three-part bio of golfing legend Arnold Palmer twice on Sept. 10 in two, three-hour blocks (3-6 p.m. and 8-11 p.m.) in honor of Palmer's 85th birthday.

The documentary, which originally aired in three parts back in April — Arnie & his Army, Arnie & His Majors and Arnie & His Legacy — was the Golf Channel's most-watched prime time original production. Arnie's Army was a reference to his legion of fans. Palmer is credited with helping turn a country club sport into one followed and enjoyed by the masses.

Palmer’s go-for-broke style and duel’s with then-up-and-comer Jack Nicklaus (similar to the Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson rivalry a generation later) helped fuel early growth in TV ratings.

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