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Former CBS Senior Political Editor Lynch Dies

Dotty Lynch, former senior political editor for CBS News, died of cancer on Sunday in Washington, according to CBS News. She was 67.

Lynch held that post from 1985 to 2005, and remained a contributor to CBS Radio News and CBS and as an election night consultant up until 2012.

"Dotty was a rare combination of book smart, street smart, and incredibly funny," said CBS Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Ward Sloane in announcing Lynch's death in a note to staffers Monday. "She will always be a part of our tradition."

"I like to think that Dotty was digital before digital was cool — she re-created and formatted The CBS News Campaign Directory in 1992," said Sloane, explaining for that digital generation that the guide was a pocket-sized book filled with every phone number a reporter and producer could want.

According to Sloane, she was also the first woman to be chief pollster for a presidential campaign, that of Democrat Gary Hart.