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FCC Seeks More Info from Comcast/TWC, Charter

The FCC has sent requests for a boatload of more information from Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Charter related to the proposed Comcast/TWC merger and spin-off/trade of systems with Charter.

The info includes maps of where all three have cable systems, video programming licensing agreements, information on any most-favored-nation agreements or exclusive content deals, TV station joint sales agreements and other sharing interests, retrans agreements terms, any programming bundled with retrans rights, revenue breakdowns for co-owned TV stations, support for CablecARDs and the identity of each person who initiated a discussion about replacing a settlement-free peering arrangement for paid peering.

The scores of pages of requests also seek documents related to the CBS/TWC 2013 carriage dispute, decisions "whether to block, stop, throttle, slow, favor, congest or otherwise hinder the transmission of any OVD service or other content," and TWC's management relationship to Bright House.

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