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CNN Reporter Tackled During Live Report From Charlotte

CNN’s Ed Lavandera was knocked to the ground during a live shot from Charlotte, North Carolina Wednesday by a protester calling on him “to tell the truth.”

The incident occurred during Anderson Cooper 360 at around 9:15 p.m., when Lavandera was on-air covering the second night of chaos in Charlotte, which erupted after a police officer fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday.

Lavandera was not hurt.

Calling the incident “another odd moment in this surreal evening here,” Lavandera later said that he didn’t see the assault coming. “All I heard was someone yelling at me that I had to ‘tell the truth’ and the next thing you know I got kind of blindsided,” he said.

A man claiming to be the attacker later came up to Lavandera, gave him a hug, and apologized for what he had done, he said. But when asked what made him so angry, the man “didn’t really explain anything,” Lavandera said.