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Notes right from the network executives: "We're looking for competition, reality, docu-soaps." Shows about rich people or people who work for rich people. Formatted, self-contained.

*Looking for compelling tapes.

*Bravo is character driven.

*Major focus is still one-hours series.

*Not looking for primarily male-appealing projects (though still respond to shows that appeal to men or promote co-viewing.)

*The best sizzles accomplish three things says Eli Lehrer, VP of development of original programming, “First, they give our development team an accurate sense of the characters - their day-to-day, their homes, etc. - and the world they inhabit. Second, killer sizzles tell us, at least in some way, how the show would look and progress in series. They have to leave us wanting more. Finally, it shows that you are a viable partner to execute the idea on the tape.”
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"