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Zaslav: TV Everywhere Could Help Boost Nets' Value

TV Everywhere could be a vehicle for Discovery Communications to extract more value for its content as its carriage deals move toward renewal, CEO David Zaslav told an audience at an industry conference Thursday.

Speaking at the Nomura Media & Telecom Conference, Zaslav said that Discovery only has three carriage deals for all its networks with the exception of OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, coming up for renewal this year, with the rest coming due in a three-to-five year time frame. But he said that while there is still plenty of time for negotiation, Discovery has substantially increased in value over the past few years -- it has doubled its original programming investment commitment, increased its market share and has three of the top 10 channels on cable.

"Those things didn't happen without a lot of effort and a lot of investment," Zaslav said. "We feel like we should get fair value, and we will work hard with distributors to do that. One of the things that could be helpful is TV Everywhere. We haven't given TV Everywhere rights to anyone."

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