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YouTube or TuTubo?

One of the sticking points between Univision and Televisa is who has the digital rights to transmit telenovelas and other programming online. Univision says the rights are in dispute, whereas Televisa states there is no dispute and that they clearly own the rights. Users of YouTube seem to be taking matters into their own hands.

Asignificant amount of Univision fare is currently available on YouTube, including interviews and features on pop stars such as Belinda, Daddy Yankee and RBD.

Perhaps more worrisome to both networks is that at least two entire episodes of the Televisa-produced telenovela La Fea Mas Bella, currently airing on Univision, can be viewed on YouTube. Aside from posting unedited material, viewers are creating their own music videos based on scenes from the telenovela.

One of the most popular Univision items on YouTube, featuring weathercaster Jackie Guerrido at an embarrassing and unintentionally revealing moment, has garnered over eighty thousand views.

Univision had no comment at press time.