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YouTube App for Android TV Adds 'Limited' 8K Support

(Image credit: Future)

Smart TVs capable of 8K resolution still costs thousands of dollars, and only around 500,000 of them will be shipped to the U.S. this year, according to Statista

And there remain precious few 8K programming options for these TVs. YouTube added support for 8K video all the way back in 2015, and some smartphones are able to shoot video at that resolution. 

But in terms of getting 8K video into these fancy new TV sets, a lot still has to happen. Google has taken a small step forward. 

The latest: According to Android Police, the changelog for the new YouTube app update (version 2.12.08) for Android TV (Android 10 and up) offers “limited” 8K support.  

It’s not clear how limited “limited” means. But there are few other OTT devices and apps on the market right now that can stream 8K video.