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YES, it's spring training

Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network made its debut Tuesday, but it was
a bumpy ride for Manhattan Time Warner Cable Yankees fans.

While the transmission on the digital tier was picture-perfect, analog
subscribers found themselves faced with a picture more akin to streamed video
during the network's premiere broadcast.

YES said the problem originated at Time Warner Cable's headend, and not the
YES network. YES representatives added that the operator would do a quick
software addition to fix the problem.

But YES viewers on both the analog and digital tiers had more problems the
next night. Both channels went black for a large portion of the game action.

Despite the problems, YES isn't concerned. 'It's spring training for the
players, spring training for the network and spring training for the cable
operators,' a YES employee said.

Time Warner Cable spokeswoman Harriet Novett said the issue the first night
was that the satellite receiver was not set properly.

That problem was fixed before the next night, when satellite troubles knocked
the signal off-air for about 45 minutes. Only Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan
Time Warner customers were affected.

'We worked together with the YES network to solve those
satellite-transmission problems,' she said. 'We reset our equipment, worked
together and switched the feed to another satellite.'