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Yahoo Plans to Launch 7-10 New Web Series

According to AdWeek, there could be a surprise player during upfront season - Yahoo.

to capture some of TV's dollars, the search portal plans to launch
between 7 to 10 new web series, pushing its total past 30. This week,
Yahoo's gossip site omg! will premiere Inside & Out, a celebrity-themed health show featuring fitness, nutrition and beauty.

media head Mickie Rosen's plan is for Yahoo to build a niche audience
around a central demographic or theme, like CBS with its procedurals and
NBC with its Must-See TV. Programming head Erin McPherson wants Yahoo
to be more aggressive with its programming, and move away from "wrap-up"
shows like Prime Time (which provides clips and highlights).

To prove that Yahoo is serious, executives are mulling over whether to hold an upfront style event.