Xfinity Reveals NASCAR Series Logo

As Comcast's Xfinity brand moves toward its title sponsorship of NASCAR's second level series next year, the parties began revving the transition today, by releasing the circuit's official logo.

Beginning in 2015, Xfinity will step into title sponsorship position for what is currently called the NASCAR Nationwide Series, which features up-and-coming drivers and teams. The parties announced the 10-year pact last month.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series mark is creatively aligned, and similar to the other NASCAR national series marks. It is being driven by NASCAR in advance for the purpose of allowing teams and tracks to prepare for integration of  the series' marks for the 2015 season, relative to uniform production, paint scheme design, promotional materials, et. al.

Fans will see the new mark in the same places as NASCAR Nationwide Series logo: including race car windshields, officials' and drivers' uniforms, haulers, pace cars, headsets, grass stencils, banners / flags, credentials / hard cards, Victory Lane accessories, websites, media guides, schedules, souvenir programs, tickets, and the NASCAR Xfinity Series championship trophy.

Nationwide remains the series entitlement partner through Dec. 31 and will continue as an official NASCAR partner and Sprint Cup team sponsor.